Brochure and template

SeeMe is an innovative concept. Currently, a range of fixtures is in development. The SeeMe EyeCatcher is its first realisation. Feel free to read more about the founder of SeeMethe concept en bekijk the showroom address and sales information.

Applications and inspiration

For applying the SeeMe EyeCatcher to a table, counter, or display window, a custom stand is optionally available. Get inspired by taking a look at the various applications and inspire us too, but sharing your application or ideas with us via the contact form. Detailed information about the SeeMe EyeCatcher can be found in the brochure.

Prior measurement with the template

Are you interested in the SeeMe EyeCatcher, but would you like to know in advance whether your collector’s item or product will fit? Download the template using the button below. One printout will give you the certainty you need.