Bert ter Haar, founder

Since my early childhood, I have been collecting Dinky Toys: wonderful metal cast miniature cars from the famous Meccano factories in Liverpool, England, characterised by their simplicity and their beautiful colours. I only had a few in the beginning, but soon enough, that became a very large number and it seemed like I had a real collection! Collecting Dinky Toys became a passion, in addition to my love for superhero comics. For instance, I cannot imagine my life without Batman and Robin in it. Collecting became an uncontrollable urge to add new models to that collection.

The EyeCatcher was born

Over the years, my cabinet became fuller and fuller. The models were badly organised, much too close together, and could hardly be admired. This was especially true because the display cabinet only provided proper lighting to the models on the top shelf. Models below that were in the dark and could hardly be noticed. The individual models lost their beauty to the collective and screamed for attention. That gave me the idea to provide the best pieces from my collection with their own, properly lit display at an exclusive spot of my choosing. On the wall, on the table, or on the ceiling. The SeeMe concept was born: a design fixture that can be used as a showcase. See SeeMe Concept for more background information and the origins of the SeeMe EyeCatcher.

ir. Bert ter Haar