SeeMe displays

The SeeMe EyeCatcher is designed to protect, cherish, and please its contents. SeeMe is a fixture as a showcase. SeeMe creates a space for your passion and is designed to seduce.

SeeMe design-displays

SeeMe is a range of design displays in various sizes and colours. Designed to give valuable objects a unique, striking platform. On the wall, on the floor, on the table, or on the ceiling. This way, objects receive the attention they deserve. At your home, in your office, or in your store.

An SeeMe display opens up with the characteristic of an eye. It is dust-proof and ultra-transparent. An SeeMe display features a mirrored wall with a central plateau which displays the object. This object can be easily switched out by opening and closing the hood. An SeeMe display is equipped with low-energy LED lighting to illuminate the object, and can operate on batteries or a 12-volt adapter.

SeeMe EyeCatcher

The EyeCatcher is the first fixture in the SeeMe range and has been available in the Netherlands and South Africa since 2014. The SeeMe EyeCatcher represents top-level Dutch design and has been awarded with the GIO award for Good Industrial Design. The design and high quality materials create a unique way of presenting your most exclusive products, moments, and memories.

In its current version, the EyeCatcher is enriched with dimmable lighting and an on/off memory function to provide the user with even more comfort. With the included wall bracket, the EyeCatcher can be easily attached to any place on the wall. On its own or accompanied by multiple other EyeCatchers next to each other or above each other to create a unique composition. Or place the EyeCatcher inside a counter. The possibilities are endless. Become inspired by the applications and references!